Grooming is an essential part of your pet’s overall health and wellness! Our licensed groomer, Kerri Lomax, offers a full selection of grooming services to keep your dog looking and feeling great. We offer grooming appointments throughout the week and you can even schedule your dog’s grooming so they have a fresh new cut when you pick them up from boarding! Bath and nail treatments are readily available upon request.

 Kerri Lomax

Red Deer born and raised, I recognized early on how much extra love and affection our family pet received after a groom. I have spent my life in the pursuit of building a happy bond between owner and pet through grooming and training. Many of my grooming clients have been with me since they were puppies. I cherish the trust and friendships that grow through the years of grooming. Some have friendships have grown past the grooming shop and into our personal lives. I get to share the excitement of a new puppy and share the grief in the loss of a pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge. I started grooming at Piper Creek Pet Resort 5 years ago. The love, dedication and respect shown to each guest makes working here a pleasure. We all know the personalities of the dogs that stay here. This is truly a family of dog and cat lovers working together. Come join us, we have room in our heart for another friend.

Grooming Packages:

All packages include bath, nail trimming and anal gland expression.

Bath and Tidy

Small                       $25+

Medium                 $35+

Large                       $55+

Giant                      $65+

Clipper and Scissor Cut Styles

Small                $50-$60

Medium          $50-$85

Large                $60-$110

Giant                $95-$110

Natural Coated Breeds

Small                $50-$60

Medium          $60-$70

Large                $70-$80

Giant                $80-$90